BBC School Report



We can't believe that School Report Day 2012 is finally here!  Our year 10 pupils have thoroughly enjoyed developing their journalistic skills during recent weeks.

20 lucky year 10 pupils have made it into the News Room and are currently working hard on their news stories!  Keep an eye our website as we upload our latest scoops!

  Click on the links below to view our stories!  


Our Future! What Future?

By Dean, Colin, Timothy, James & Mark



Principal Interview

By Kyle, Lynsey, Lorraine, Nina & Calvin



Omagh Leisure Complex Closure

By Lorraine, Lee, Megan & Emily


Year 14 student Julie wins Volunteer Award

By Rebecca, William, Shannon, Jack & Joel



Year 8 test drive latest PSNI vehicles

By Timothy, Colin & James


Omagh Bomb Memorial

By Lynsey, Nina, Abby, Katie, Karla & Cherith




Blue Frog Leaps into the Olympics

By Nathan, Susannah, Keith, Tiernan & Jordan